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Road Traffic Collisions

Posted in Personal Injury on 18th Nov 2021
Credit Repairs / Credit Hire / Diminution It is estimated that there are 32.7 million road users in the United Kingdom. In 2020 it was reported that 115,584 road traffic collisions occurred which resulted in damage to the vehicle and its occupants - who suffered personal injury. The damage caused by the road traffic collision to the vehicle can render your vehicle unroadworthy i.e. you cannot legally drive the vehicle. To confirm, there are two reason why your vehicle can be classed as unroadworthy: The damaged caused by the impact of the road...

Cauda Equina: The Rare but Incredibly Serious...

Posted in Medical Negligence on 25th Jul 2019
Cauda Equina is a rare but very serious spinal condition which, if not treated within a timely manner, can cause a lot of damage. The consequences of the delay to treat cauda equina include permanent damage to the bowel, bladder, sexual organs, legs and ongoing lower back pain. Due to the serious damage this condition can cause, doctors need to be constantly on alert and looking out for symptoms as they arise. Therefore, failure to treat cauda equina within timely manner can be negligent. Cauda Equina usually develops suddenly, however, quite often...

Wypadki Drogowe: Motocyklisci

Posted in Polish Claims on 19th Jul 2019
W Specters specjalizujemy sie w wypadkach dotyczacych narazonych uzytkownikow drog. Mamy ponad 25 lat doswiadczenia w tego typu sprawach. Narazeni uzytkownicy drog to: Rowerzysci Motocyklisci Jezdzcy konni Piesi Starsi ludzie Dzieci Dlaczego jestes narazonym uzytkownikiem drogi jako motocyklista? Jest 1.23 miliony motocyklistow na drogach Wielkiej Brytanii (, w porownaniu do 30.9 miliona samochodow (Vehicle Licensing Stats Gov UK) to oznacza, ze statystycznie motocyklisci sa bardziej narazeni na wypadki, a niestety nacisk na...
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