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Why is a Pedestrian a Vulnerable Road User?

Posted in Vulnerable Road Users on 5th Apr 2019
Every single one of us can be considered a vulnerable road user. It may not be every day, but we all regularly use the roads as a pedestrian; whether that be to cross the road or exit a vehicle. And we also exercise precaution when doing so, something instilled in us from a very young age when our parents would hold our hand when crossing. However, being a pedestrian on a road remains highly dangerous with 1,793 reported deaths and 24,831 serious injuries reported to police in 2017 (1). At the end of 2016, there were 30.9 million vehicles reported...

Who is Classified as a Vulnerable Road User...

Posted in Vulnerable Road Users on 4th Mar 2019
What does a cyclist, bike rider, horse rider and pedestrian all have in common? They may not travel at the same times or speeds, but they are all considered vulnerable road users. In 2016 alone, there were approximately 450 pedestrian fatalities, 450 motorcyclist fatalities and 100 cyclist fatalities reported on Britain’s roads1. And although there are far less horse riders on our roads, there have been almost 3,000 incidents reported to The British Horse Society alone, since 20102. These statistics certainly paint a clear picture of just how serious...

Get to know leading solicitor Jan Canter

Posted in General News on 19th Dec 2018
Jan Canter is a highly respected Solicitor, largely focussing on catastrophic injuries at Specters Solicitors. In this Q&A, discover what led Jan to Specters, his impressive experience and additional interests. What made you want to study law? I’ve always been interested in Law. My dad was a well-known criminal solicitor in Liverpool (and still is). So as not to clash, I decided to specialise in the world of civil litigation. I initially obtained a degree in History though Birmingham University before travelling and living in Israel for a short...
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