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Compensation for Laser Hair Removal

Posted in Medical Negligence on 18th Jul 2019
Have you been wanting to improve your appearance and become hair free in time for summer and yet the treatment has left you with burns? Laser IPL, also referred to as laser hair-removal treatments, have become immensely popular in recent years, but unfortunately, this has led to a number of non-medically trained personnel taking advantage of the phenomenon which has led to laser hair removal burns. Those with minimal training have been performing laser IPL on patients, an incredibly concerning fact when we consider these individuals have inadequate...

Straty Finansowe

Posted in Polish Claims on 4th Jul 2019
STRATY FINANSOWE: Po za odszkodowaniem zdrowotnym mozesz rowniez dolaczyc do sprawy wszystkie swoje powypadkowe straty finansowe poniesione przez wypadek np: koszty recept, utracone zarobki, koszty dojazdow do lekarzy, opieke czlonkow rodziny. To jest tylko kilka przykladow dla zilustrowania sytuacji. Jest bardzo waznym abys zachowal wszystkie rachunki I dowody. Kazda sprawa jest rozna I to co mozesz dolaczyc do sprawy moze byc rozne/zmienne w zaleznosci od okolicznosci zdarzenia danej sprawy. Prawnik prowadzacy sprawe wyjasni szczegoly...

The Dangers of a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Posted in Medical Negligence on 13th Jun 2019
Having surgery is a big decision and commitment, which you’re likely to have deliberated about for a long time before deciding to proceed. When the surgery is completed and the desired outcome achieved, this can ultimately transform lives. Abdominoplasty, or ‘tummy tuck,’ procedures are usually carried out on those who have significant skin laxity, excess fat and separation of the muscles with a classic tummy tuck being the most common procedure. This is performed under general anaesthetic, however, it is not a simple surgical procedure. What could...
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