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Coronavirus: New Rules Regarding Possession...

Posted in General News on 27th Jul 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge economic impact on the UK. Many workers have been furloughed or made redundant and this has had a consequent effect on their ability to pay their mortgage. As part of the government response, all claims for possession proceedings, whether due to rent arrears or other reasons, were stayed and that stay currently expires on 23 August 2020. To assist the Court when possession proceedings start again, the Court has introduced detailed new rules that modify the usual possession process. These are due to last until...

Vicarious Liability

Posted in Employment Law on 13th Jul 2020
As well as providing a safe working environment, an employer is also responsible for providing safe fellow employees. In practice, this usually means ensuring that they have the necessary skills to do the job and receive appropriate training. The responsibility of the employer for the actions of their employees is reflected by a principle known as ‘vicarious liability.’ Although this principle has a number of different applications, in a pure workplace context, it reflects the fact that although the injury may have directly been caused by another...

Injuries Caused By Machinery

Posted in Personal Injury on 7th Jul 2020
With certain exceptions, an employer is responsible for the health and safety of their employees at work. This means that an employer has a legal duty to provide their employees with, among other things, safe work equipment. If they fail to do so and an employee suffers an injury, then the employee may have a claim. Work equipment covers a vast array of different items; it includes vehicles that employees drive, vast fixed machines in factories and something as small as a screwdriver, but it is machinery with moving parts that has the greatest capacity...
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