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Pointless Litigation and Massive Bills

Posted in Professional Negligence on 28th Oct 2019
A large number of the professional negligence enquiries we receive at Specters concern litigation that has ended poorly for the client. We often hear complaints that solicitors did not warn their clients of the risks of litigation or that they spent more on the case than it was worth, meaning the client is left with a huge bill. In this blog, we will briefly examine these two common complaints and the duties of solicitors. Litigation Without Merits Litigation is an uncertain business and at the start of a case where a client may not be in possession...

References: An Employer's Duties & An Employee's...

Posted in Employment Law on 23rd Oct 2019
When a person applies for a job, their new employer may ask for a reference from their old employer, to make sure that the person has been honest about their employment history and to ensure that they are suitable for the job. However, most employers will no longer provide any information on a reference other than the dates that an employee worked for them and possibly their job title. It is rare these days for any further information to be included, but why is that? There is a popular myth that an employer is not legally allowed to provide a 'bad'...
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