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The Effects of Covid-19 on Child Arrangement...

Posted in Family & Divorce on 26th Jul 2020
‘Who should the child live with?’ is a question that parents going through a separation often disagree on, and trying to come to an agreement is currently made more difficult by the coronavirus pandemic. Concerns will usually include: Will I be able to see my child? Am I potentially breaching a Court Order? What steps can I take to keep my child safe? For parents looking for some clarity, we've created this blog post to explain how Child Arrangement Orders work in light of Covid-19. What Are Child Arrangement Orders? Child arrangements can be...

Coronavirus & Child Arrangement Orders

Posted in Family & Divorce on 24th Mar 2020
‘I have a Court Order giving the other parent contact with my child. What do I do in light of coronavirus?’ This is a common question many separated couples are now asking themselves. In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the government have issued rules to prevent the spread of this disease. You should abide by the government’s guidance especially if you or your child is currently in isolation due to symptoms of COVID-19. It is vital that you take adequate steps to comply with government rules and not make your child, yourself or others...

The Implications of Brexit on your Divorce...

Posted in Family & Divorce on 11th Nov 2019
As Brexit is fast approaching and the prospect of a 'No Deal' exit looms, the potential impact on divorce and family legislation remains unclear. There has been no viable plan put forward to address the problems that will arise in family law generally once we leave the EU. If you are married to someone who was born in the European Union, or if you live in the EU, the implications of Brexit could be substantial to your divorce and family disputes. Divorce and the issue of jurisdiction: The race to court One of the most essential statutes within...
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