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Fatal Accident Claims

Posted in Personal Injury on 4th Jan 2022
Fatal accident claim When someone is fatally injured that was caused by the negligence of another party it is extremely traumatic for the family and friends of the deceased. At Specter’s we specialise in serious injuries and we promise that we will go above and beyond to find answers for the loved ones of the deceased, determine who was at fault and claim compensation. We recently acted for a deceased family and recovered significant compensation. “I would like to express my gratitude to Paul Daniel and everyone at Specters Solicitors for the assistance...

Claims Against the Local Authority

Posted in Personal Injury on 13th Dec 2021
What is the duty of care provided by Local Authorities? In total there are 330 local authorities in England. Local authorities have a duty to make sure people are kept safe in public places, such as park, road, pavements and street lighting, and their properties, including school, leisure centres and council owned homes. To ensure public safety the Local Authority must ensure proper maintenance of the property / public highways. You don’t have to be a resident within the borough where the accident has occurred. Every Local Authority has a responsibility...

Road Traffic Accidents in the UK

Posted in Personal Injury on 21st Oct 2020
Of all road traffic accidents in the UK, around half of these involve motorists, with car users accounting for 44% of road deaths in the UK in 2018. With road safety and air quality now becoming top of the agenda of issues, it is not the time to take travelling by car lightly. Interestingly, the majority of all fatalities occur on country roads, with a failure to look out properly being one of the most frequently reported factors contributing to accidents. This can create challenges when an individual needs to pursue a claim following an accident....
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