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The Home Buying Process

Posted in Conveyancing on 10th Aug 2021
What you need to know So, you have chosen to purchase a house in the UK! Congratulations, you are living in an exciting period in your life. It may also be stressful, particularly if you do not know what to anticipate. That is why we have written this article to guide you through each stage of the home buying and re-mortgage process. We understand how essential a house is in your life. Budget How much can you afford to pay each month on a mortgage? Although you could go to a bank and be pre-approved for a house loan, it is generally preferable to...

EWS1 overhaul since the Grenfell disaster

Posted in Conveyancing on 16th Feb 2021
The pros and cons Since the Grenfell disaster which tragically saw 72 people lose their lives, hundreds of thousands of homeowners have effectively been trapped within their properties. Concerns over safety and the potential cost of remedial works have brought many property transactions to a halt. The recent changes announced should finally bring an end to the years of distress caused to flat owners that have been prevented from selling or re-mortgaging their homes. Housing secretary Robert Jenrick announced that the Government will provide an...

The start of the end for leasehold?

Posted in Conveyancing on 7th Jan 2021
Anyone who is on the property ladder or is in the process of getting on may have heard of the terms ‘leasehold’ and ‘freehold’. The former can cause controversy and in some instances give rise to claims for compensation, because negligence by a conveyancing solicitor can lead to buyers not understanding the full implications of their lease and ending up at significant financial loss. Today it has been reported that the Government is now planning reforms in this complex area of property and land ownership. What is the difference between freehold...
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