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Medical Negligence Procedure and The Burden...

Posted in Medical Negligence on 10th Jan 2022
Bringing a medical negligence claim Bringing a Medical Negligence claim can be very daunting and seem like a complicated process. It is indeed a complex area of law that requires specialist assistance. However, it should not be a daunting proposition. We can help you every step of the way and take much of the burden for you. Timescales are very difficult to predict, even more so in Covid-pandemic times! Rather than looking at the claim and it’s various aspects as a whole, it may be worth just taking a look at some of the steps to be taken as individual...

Sepsis and Infection

Posted in Medical Negligence on 14th Dec 2021
What is sepsis? Any type of infection, anywhere in the body, can cause sepsis. This can be something as innocuous as a paper cut or a urinary tract infection, to something more serious such as appendicitis. Sepsis (also known as septicaemia/blood poisoning) occurs when the immune system overreacts to an infection. It is the body’s overreaction to an infection (bacterial or viral). Sepsis cannot occur where there was no primary infection present, however, given that some infections can be minor, it is possible to develop sepsis without knowing you...
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