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Business interruption, notifiable diseases...

Posted in Dispute Resolution on 26th May 2021
Does your business interruption policy allow for cover in the event of an occurrence of notifiable disease within a 1 or 25 mile radius of your premises? If your policy does state this inclusion, your business insurer may be obliged to pay you for loss in income arising from your mandatory closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020/2021. Many small to medium enterprise business owners in the UK are in the midst of making a loss in income claim to their business insurer right now. Whether those policy holders will receive a pay out or a rejection...

Government Support Grants and Business Interruption...

Posted in Dispute Resolution on 21st Apr 2021
Here at Specters Solicitors we come across all kinds of different scenarios related to claiming compensation for business interruption due to the lockdown periods in 2020. Here is one specific example following a recent update from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). I received a Government Support Grant in 2020/2021, can I still make a claim for business interruption? Last month the FCA published updated guidance regarding Covid-19 Business Interruption Settlement and Deductions made with Government Support. The FCA first commented on this...

Business Interruption Claims: Dry Cleaners

Posted in Dispute Resolution on 19th Apr 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us, including those deemed ‘essential businesses’. Many UK businesses are currently enduring severe financial hardship due to the effects of lockdown. This includes those businesses deemed essential, like dry cleaners and laundrettes, which were allowed to stay open during the lockdown periods. A laundrette’s business model relies on hospitality events and formal clothing in offices. The hospitality industry is still on its knees, with weddings and events cancelled. Most offices closed entirely over lockdown,...
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