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I’m going through a divorce; is my partner...

Posted in Family & Divorce on 26th Aug 2021
We understand that going through a divorce is difficult (to say the least) and when finances become and issue, things can become more contentions. In an ideal situation, you and your partner will amicably agree on how the matrimonial assets will be disrupted but, as we know this may not always be the case. To complicate matters further, whilst it may be slightly easier to value and agree on how the matrimonial home, for example is to be divided. It is worth noting that other assets such as a business can be problematic. In order to understand how...

Getting an international divorce

Posted in Family & Divorce on 15th Apr 2021
As long as some eligibility criteria are satisfied, it is possible for an international couple to obtain a divorce here, and there are many benefits to getting an international divorce in the UK. In this article we will go through what the eligibility criteria are and what factors can impact the settlement parties can obtain in an international divorce of this nature. One of the most complex aspects of this process is understanding and applying the differences in laws, procedures and requirements regarding all aspects of family law, which is why...

Covid-19, lockdown and child arrangements

Posted in Family & Divorce on 14th Jan 2021
For many parents, the current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the unthinkable: situations where parents cannot see or talk to their own children. We receive hundreds of enquiries from parents who want to know what to do and what their legal rights are during this lockdown period. We will answer your frequently asked questions below. Can I see my children during the lockdown period? The Government has issued guidance which states that you can see your children during the lockdown period. There is an exception to the ‘stay at home’ rules, which...
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