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Coronavirus: New Rules Regarding Possession...

Posted in General News on 27th Jul 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge economic impact on the UK. Many workers have been furloughed or made redundant and this has had a consequent effect on their ability to pay their mortgage. As part of the government response, all claims for possession proceedings, whether due to rent arrears or other reasons, were stayed and that stay currently expires on 23 August 2020. To assist the Court when possession proceedings start again, the Court has introduced detailed new rules that modify the usual possession process. These are due to last until...

Coronavirus: Delivering Services Safely

Posted in General News on 2nd Apr 2020
We are now facilitating video consultations for our clients in order to ensure services can still continue safely. We are using a secure and straightforward platform provided by Microsoft that will not require clients to create an account or download software. We recognise that it is difficult to get out and see a solicitor at the present time and you may need advice and assistance urgently. You may have been injured, be experiencing a family dispute or want to discuss financial, custody or contact issues relating to your family, you may need advice...

Inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal

Posted in General News on 2nd May 2019
Earlier this week, Specters Solicitor Soyab Patel was contacted by BBC DriveTime with Eddie Nestor to comment on the opening of a public inquiry into a blood transfusion scandal from the 1970s and 1980s. Soyab had the following comment on his interview: “I am sure it hasn’t escaped anybody’s attention this week that the public inquiry into what has been called ‘the worst treatment scandal in the history of the NHS’ opened on Tuesday. The inquiry is being led by retired Judge, Sir Brian Langstaff and apparently could last for more than two years. It...
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