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Tenants’ Rights Under The Landlord and Tenant...

Posted in Housing Disrepair on 3rd Dec 2021
Tenants’ Rights With there being over 4.40 million rented properties reported in the UK in by Statista, it is very important as a Tenant you are aware of your obligations and rights under Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. Before the above the law was introduced there were no assured shorthold tenancy agreement, only regulated tenancies. Regulated tenancies had “fair” rents which were set out by the rent officers. These were often “50%” of market value and left landlords without a profit on their investment or funds to carry out any repairs required...

Can my landlord refuse to carry out repairs...

Posted in Housing Disrepair on 29th Nov 2021
Can my landlord restrict their obligations to repair by way of tenancy agreement? Some landlords may attempt to avoid their obligations to repair defects in your home by adding terms into a Tenancy Agreement which purports to limit or exclude their liability. In Short, even if your Tenancy Agreement contains limiting or exclusion terms regarding the landlord’s duty to repair, a landlord cannot refuse to carry out a repair to your home because a tenancy agreement is underpinned by both express and implied terms, and implied statutory terms supersede...

Housing disrepair and the issue of notice

Posted in Housing Disrepair on 29th Nov 2021
Have you given sufficient notification of the defect to your landlord? In the UK, four million households live in rented social housing, which is just under a fifth (17%) of all households in the country. In 2019-20, 10% (2.4 million) of all households rented from housing associations, and 7% (1.6 million) from local authorities. In light of the vast majority of the UK population living in rented accommodation, it remains more important than ever to maintain an amicable relationship with your tenant or landlord. Under the most standard tenancy agreements...
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