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Landlords and Repairs to My Property

Posted in Housing Disrepair on 21st Mar 2022
To what extent must my Landlord undertake repairs to a property? The extent to which your landlord must undertake repairs to your property will be stated either expressly in your tenancy agreement or implied by statutory law, which is the law laid down by legislation agreed by the house of commons and house of lords. If you are a tenant, you will most likely find that your tenancy agreement will most likely contain wording that will confirm the extent to which repairs must be made. Often a landlord may seek to incorporate terms less onerous and...

Housing Disrepair - What Can I Claim For?

Posted in Housing Disrepair on 7th Mar 2022
The type of damages that can be claimed in a housing disrepair claim As well as making a claim to have your property repaired and put back into a habitable condition, you may also be entitled to make a claim for some, financial compensation. You can claim financial compensation where the problems you have experienced as consequences of the disrepair at your property has been such so as to: a) Cause you and / or a member of your family personal pain, suffering and / or inconvenience – where you have not been able to use your rented property in the...

What Evidence Do You Need for a Housing Disrepair...

Posted in Housing Disrepair on 2nd Mar 2022
What type of evidence is required in order to demonstrate disrepair in a Housing Disrepair claim? The first thing that you are asking when you bring a claim what evidence do you have to support your claim. To bring a successful housing disrepair claim, you need to have evidence that you have reported the issues of disrepair to your landlord. It is therefore very important that you maintain a record of all communication you have made with your landlord in relation to the disrepair i.e. copies of emails, correspondence sent and a note of the person...
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