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Cauda Equina: The Rare but Incredibly Serious...

Posted in Medical Negligence on 25th Jul 2019
Cauda Equina is a rare but very serious spinal condition which, if not treated within a timely manner, can cause a lot of damage. The consequences of the delay to treat cauda equina include permanent damage to the bowel, bladder, sexual organs, legs and ongoing lower back pain. Due to the serious damage this condition can cause, doctors need to be constantly on alert and looking out for symptoms as they arise. Therefore, failure to treat cauda equina within timely manner can be negligent. Cauda Equina usually develops suddenly, however, quite often...

Compensation for Laser Hair Removal

Posted in Medical Negligence on 18th Jul 2019
Have you been wanting to improve your appearance and become hair free in time for summer and yet the treatment has left you with burns? Laser IPL, also referred to as laser hair-removal treatments, have become immensely popular in recent years, but unfortunately, this has led to a number of non-medically trained personnel taking advantage of the phenomenon which has led to laser hair removal burns. Those with minimal training have been performing laser IPL on patients, an incredibly concerning fact when we consider these individuals have inadequate...

Misdiagnosis Leads to Death & Disability

Posted in Medical Negligence on 4th Jul 2019
Clinical misdiagnosis remains an ongoing issue in the UK, with patients receiving the wrong medical advice and treatment leading to death or long-term disability. Diagnostic mistakes can happen across all areas of medicine, with varying levels of consequences. Often illnesses and symptoms are classified according to a standard system, which is not always an effective approach as the factors and symptoms revolving around a person's illness can vary greatly. For example, doctors often fail to spot coronary heart disease, which can result in chest...
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