Dental negligence is the term used when an avoidable injury is sustained as a result of poor care from a dental practitioner or hygienist.

This type of negligence can occur in many different ways including the delay in treating a condition, such as gum disease, which may have led to the loss of teeth or the requirement to undergo constructive dental surgery such as bridges and implants.

Perhaps there was negligent performance of the treatment, resulting in infection, damage to another tooth, or even a retained instrument.

Elective dental surgery such as veneers or other cosmetic treatments may have been undertaken poorly, resulting in ongoing problems.

What can be considered dental negligence?

As with all claims of this sort, you must show that the treatment received was unreasonable (i.e. that the treatment fell below the expected standard by any other dentist or hygienist in a similar position) and that this led to an injury over and above that which you would have had in any event.

With the exception of cosmetic dental surgery, you would have had an issue that required treatment and so one would expect to have some form of injury due to this and the recovery period thereafter.

Pain & suffering due to negligence

It is the additional pain and suffering for which we can assist in obtaining you compensation.

Unfortunately, as can be seen in the recent report from the BBC here, your injury may be exacerbated by the unavoidable and necessary closures of dental surgeries at this time due to the lockdown, leaving you with the ongoing problem for a significant period of time.

Although it is not possible to expedite this treatment for you, we are able to consider your claims for compensation for the additional pain and suffering, as well as the rectifying treatment that you require to put you into the position you would have been, had it not been for the negligence.

Need urgent treatment?

If you require urgent treatment, we recommend you follow the advice given to contact your dentist and see if an emergency appointment can be arranged, or alternatively call NHS 111.

If you feel that you have suffered dental negligence, please call one of our experienced team members who will be happy to discuss this further. Phone 0300 303 3639 or submit an online enquiry form here.