Why is Heart Attack Misdiagnosis a Deadly Mistake?

Urgent Heart Attack Treatment Can Save Lives

After a heart attack, receiving treatment to get the blood flowing to the damaged part of the heart muscle is absolutely imperative and could save your live.

Urgent treatment can not only save lives, it will also dictate the amount of permanent damage to the heart muscle.

Many people who have a heart attack need to have emergency treatment to unblock the coronary artery.

However, we know that medical professionals frequently misdiagnose heart attacks.

How Does a Heart Attack Get Misdiagnosed?

A treating clinician may mistake a patient’s symptoms for a less serious condition, instead such as indigestion or heart burn.

The patient may be sent home with a treatment plan or medication that not only fails to treat the patient’s heart attack, but may potentially cause further harm.

This is especially common in situations where the presenting patient does not appear to be at high risk, like a young person or a physically fit individual.

The Harmful Impact of Misdiagnosing a Heart Attack

By failing to treat the heart attack, the heart muscle begins to wane immediately upon the onset of a heart attack and the harm worsens with every passing minute.

Prevention and immediate treatment are the most effective means of avoiding heart attack fatalities, so misdiagnosis can be fatal.

Heart attacks can lead to heart failure, which has been brought on by the weakened heart's ability to pump blood.

Sometimes, heart failure comes on suddenly after a heart attack.

The heart muscle becomes weaker and has trouble pumping blood to nourish the cells in your body, which is a chronic condition that gradually deteriorates.

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