A significant number of adults have been required to undergo surgery for one reason or another, so we understand how intimidating and uncomfortable the process is.

We must put complete trust in the Surgeon and medical staff around us, not only during the procedure which we are often unconscious for, but also throughout the process before and after surgery.

The reason quite a few of us may be nervous going into surgery can be attributed to the horror stories of surgeries going wrong, largely due to negligent medical staff.

Unfortunately, these aren’t just fictional stories. There are a number of instances where patients go into surgery for a seemingly simple procedure and wake up in a worse situation than before.

This can happen in any surgery and there have been cases where, for instance, patients wake up with the wrong body part or limb having been operated.

A recent surgical mistake that occurred in England due to medical negligence can be seen when Chelsie Thomas had the incorrect fallopian tube removed.

Due to an ectopic pregnancy, Ms Thomas needed to have surgery only to have the healthy fallopian tube removed by mistake, leaving her unable to have children naturally.

Although Ms Thomas pointed out the pregnancy could be seen in her right tube after viewing the scan, the Surgeon said: “I’m a doctor, you should trust me.”

The pregnancy-related mistake was found after returning to hospital a week later, having remained in excruciating pain since the procedure.

This is one example of a doctor or surgeon acting negligently, leading to a drastic surgical error and a patient whose quality of life will never be the same.

Such mistakes are completely unacceptable and should never happen, especially when detailed medical records and scans are available to check specifics like which organ needs removing.

Patients are severely affected after being a victim to such negligence; both mentally and physically, with short-term and long-term repercussions.

These people should be able to claim compensation in these situations, and luckily, they are almost always able to.

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Article attributed to Medical Negligence Solutions Litigation Executive, Ramune Mickeviciute.
For more information on Ms Thomas’ story, view the BBC News article here.