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Electric Scooters – The up and coming new...

Posted in Personal Injury on 23rd May 2022
Can you claim for personal injury if you are involved in an accident? Up until 2019 the use of e-scooters was not allowed, but then in the general election this began to change, and electric scooters were seen as one of the solutions for the congestion on the roads. Unfortunately, the pandemic has had a major impact on the introduction of e-scooters. The Government is looking into the use of e-scooters as a way for people to get to work whilst avoiding public transport. Rental trials have been introduced by the Government, and there are currently...

Do you need a medico legal expert?

Posted in Personal Injury on 22nd Apr 2022
Why is it important to instruct the correct medico legal expert? There are three main elements that the Claimant has to prove in Tort law to be successful in a claim for compensation. The three elements are as followed: Duty of care – Defendant must owe the Claimant a duty of care Breach of duty – The Defendant’s actions breached that duty Damages – The breach must cause the Claimant to suffer some actionable damage In addition to the above, the Claimant must prove there is a causal link between damaged caused and the Defendant’s actions i.e....

Pedestrian Safety - Things You Need to Know

Posted in Personal Injury on 1st Mar 2022
What precautions to take in winter as a pedestrian and road users Travelling around during winter nights can be challenging especially if it is raining, snowing or icy conditions. We all can take certain precautions to keep ourselves and others safe whilst travelling whether that is walking, cycling or driving. Here are your tiop tips for being safe in these winter conditions: Driving Ensure before you travel that you check the following on your vehicle: The lights, mirrors and windows are all from ice, snow and other dirt Ensure that you window...
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