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Inadequate Increase to Statutory Bereavement...

Posted in Personal Injury on 14th May 2020
Statutory bereavement damages in England and Wales have been increased to £15,120 for deaths which occur on or after 01/05/2020. Before this date bereavement damages were capped at £12,980, which has been criticised by solicitors as being inadequate for claimants in England and Wales. By comparison, in Scotland, bereavement damages are decided by assessing each individual case. Following a landmark case in 2017, The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) had called on the Ministry of Justice to review the wider system in England and Wales...

Brexit Uncertainty And Road Traffic Accidents...

Posted in Personal Injury on 13th Nov 2019
Originally, the UK was meant to leave the EU on 31st March 2019, then it was 31st October and now, with an upcoming general election, the new proposed date to leave the EU is 31st January 2020. However, this is an ever moving situation and no one can say for certain if the UK will leave with or without a deal on this date or, indeed, at all. You may ask what has Brexit got to do with having a road traffic accident abroad? Currently, if you are injured in a road traffic accident whilst in another EU country or European Economic State then you can...
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