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Are cyclists allowed on A roads?

Posted in Personal Injury on 12th Mar 2021
There are a lot of misconceptions around the rules of the road when it comes to cycling, and that can be both from cyclists and motorists alike! One of the most common questions around this is A roads, and are cyclists allowed to ride on them? A roads are freeways that are often a grade below an actual motorway for a number of reasons. The main differentiators are that A roads can take the form of a dual carriageway with a speed limit of 70mph, or even simply be a single carriageway with a 30mph limit. A motorway on the other is a multi-lane high...

Accidents, brain injuries and seizures

Posted in Personal Injury on 10th Feb 2021
What are the challenges to a brain injury case? Brain injury cases can be some of the most difficult to run as a personal injury lawyer, not least because medical science is not clear on diagnoses and causation arguments can run into complex hurdles. The classification of different types of brain injuries, especially in terms of severity and how this can interplay with conducting a brain injury case has been set out elsewhere. It is well known that any brain injury in the moderate to severe category, under the Mayo classification and with Glasgow...

The importance of cameras in road accidents...

Posted in Personal Injury on 9th Feb 2021
Why are cameras useful? We live in a world now full of CCTV, videos and cameras. Our every move it seems is being monitored almost incessantly by surveillance. Apparently, the UK is one of the most CCTV monitored western countries with more speed cameras for example per square mile than anywhere else in Europe. Depending on your point of view this may be a good or bad thing. For lawyers looking to recover damages on behalf of injured cyclists especially, it may not be such a bad thing. The more evidence there is to point to speedy and negligent...
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