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Road Traffic Accidents in the UK

Posted in Personal Injury on 21st Oct 2020
Of all road traffic accidents in the UK, around half of these involve motorists, with car users accounting for 44% of road deaths in the UK in 2018. With road safety and air quality now becoming top of the agenda of issues, it is not the time to take travelling by car lightly. Interestingly, the majority of all fatalities occur on country roads, with a failure to look out properly being one of the most frequently reported factors contributing to accidents. This can create challenges when an individual needs to pursue a claim following an accident....

Cyclist Accidents in London

Posted in Personal Injury on 19th Oct 2020
Across Great Britain in 2018, over 15,000 cyclists were injured or seriously injured whilst cycling. Whilst cars make up 80% of the traffic on the roads, the casualty rate per miles travelled is much higher for cyclists and for other vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and motorcyclists. These statistics can act as an unfortunate deterrent to those thinking about taking up cycling, raising the question of whether higher cycling rates will simply lead to more cyclist injuries and fatalities. There is however research demonstrating that...

No Win No Fee For Road Traffic Accidents

Posted in Personal Injury on 8th Jul 2020
Driving on the streets of London is becoming an ever more precarious experience. With road closures, road works, pop up cycle lanes and ever more impatient drivers, the chance of an accident is increasing and this is likely to get worse as we all return to work. According to the Department for Trade & Industry the top five causes of a road traffic accident are: Driver failed to look properly Driver failed to judge other parties path or speed Driver was careless or reckless Driver did not perform a turning manoeuvre safely Driver lost control These...
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