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No Win No Fee For Road Traffic Accidents

Posted in Personal Injury on 8th Jul 2020
Driving on the streets of London is becoming an ever more precarious experience. With road closures, road works, pop up cycle lanes and ever more impatient drivers, the chance of an accident is increasing and this is likely to get worse as we all return to work. According to the Department for Trade & Industry the top five causes of a road traffic accident are: Driver failed to look properly Driver failed to judge other parties path or speed Driver was careless or reckless Driver did not perform a turning manoeuvre safely Driver lost control These...

Injuries Caused By Machinery

Posted in Personal Injury on 7th Jul 2020
With certain exceptions, an employer is responsible for the health and safety of their employees at work. This means that an employer has a legal duty to provide their employees with, among other things, safe work equipment. If they fail to do so and an employee suffers an injury, then the employee may have a claim. Work equipment covers a vast array of different items; it includes vehicles that employees drive, vast fixed machines in factories and something as small as a screwdriver, but it is machinery with moving parts that has the greatest capacity...

Road Traffic Accidents Abroad & Transition...

Posted in Personal Injury on 6th Jul 2020
In my previous article titled Brexit Uncertainty and Road Traffic Accidents Abroad, the situation regarding Brexit was not yet clear. Since then the UK has officially exited the European Union and we are currently in the transition period, which is due to expire at the end of this year. For those who have had a road traffic accident abroad or those who are planning holidays abroad this summer and are unfortunate enough to have a road traffic accident, this means you will have very limited time to make a personal injury claim for compensation. This...
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