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When a Solicitor is found to be negligent...

Posted in Professional Negligence on 3rd Aug 2020
Specters Solicitors has recently settled a Professional Negligence claim on behalf of a client, who incurred losses due to the negligent drafting of a Lease, by their previous Solicitors. Our client was a Landlord who owned a property, which had the ability to operate as a restaurant. Our client entered into negotiations with a prospective Tenant in order to agree a commercial Lease of the restaurant. Following negotiations between the Landlord and prospective Tenant, the parties eventually came to agreement on the heads of term, which they intended...

Lender’s Solicitor Fails to Remove Existing...

Posted in Professional Negligence on 15th Jul 2020
When we undertake an educated, experienced professional to provide a service, we expect a certain level of care and for that service to be completed adequately. Unfortunately, professionals such as Solicitors do not always meet our expectations and can sometimes fall below what is considered their expected duty of care. When this occurs, it can be considered negligent and there may be a case to make a claim on the grounds of professional negligence. We use a recent case example to demonstrate how this can occur. Case Summary Specters successfully...

Negligent Solicitor Ordered to Pay Loan

Posted in Professional Negligence on 8th Jul 2020
When we receive services from a professional, it is reasonable to expect they fulfil their duty of care and provide what has been promised. Unfortunately, even the most experienced or educated professionals make mistakes and this can sometimes be at the client’s expense. When this occurs, it is referred to as professional negligence and there are laws in place to protect the community against such behaviour. To further demonstrate professional negligence, we delve into a recent case example where a Solicitor falls below their expected duty of care. Case...
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