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Has covid affected your business?

Posted in Professional Negligence on 19th Oct 2021
Business interruption cover Many owners whose businesses have been adversely affected by Covid 19 have suffered because of their insurers refusing to pay out under the terms of their business interruption insurance element of their commercial insurance cover. In January 2021 the Supreme Court ruled that insurers must pay us for certain business interruption claims, particularly those arising from the lockdowns experienced in 2020. If you have been refusing payment for your claim Carbon will offer the following service for free: - 1) We will review...

Professional Negligence and Personal Injury...

Posted in Professional Negligence on 19th Oct 2021
How a solicitors’ failure to obtain sufficient medical evidence could result in under settlement of your personal injury claim Personal injury represents a sizeable majority of civil law cases. In the second quarter of 2020, claims for personal injury comprised 84% of all money claims. Naturally, because of the vast number of personal injury claims that are processed by fee earners of all levels, personal injury claims are also frequently found to be the subject of subsequent professional negligence claims. This is because there are a wide array...

My Solicitor gave me wrong advice, does it...

Posted in Professional Negligence on 20th Sep 2021
What should I do if I get given bad advice? If your solicitor gives you advice which you later discover was incorrect, you should seek the advice of a Professional Negligence Solicitor to determine if you have a cause of action against your solicitor for negligence. There is always a reason to seek advice when advice turns out to be incorrect, particularly if you become aware that your solicitor was not a specialist in that area of law. Solicitors and other legal professionals should only practice in areas for which they hold competence. If they...
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