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Pure Legal faces professional negligence...

Posted in Professional Negligence on 15th Jun 2022
Clients have been left out of pocket after the firm collapsed into administration late last year. Read more to understand what redress is available for individuals affected and why. What is ‘struck out’? If a claimant's case is struck out, they will no longer be able to pursue their cause of action and they will lose the opportunity to a remedy, such as compensation. They will be obliged to pay their opponent’s legal costs as well as their own. If a solicitor's mistake is the cause of the strike out, this will give rise to a claim for professional...

Asset division for unmarried couples

Posted in Family & Divorce on 24th May 2022
How do assets get divided when I am unmarried? In recent years it has become popular for couples to live together for a long period without marrying. Additionally, more and more couples reside together, buy properties together and have children together without marrying. But what happens when the relationship breaks down? What rights do unmarried couples have? When a couple is married, there are rules as to how the assets in the marriage are to be divided between the couple. The courts take the stance that the assets acquired during the marriage...

Erb’s Palsy – Can I Claim?

Posted in Medical Negligence on 24th May 2022
What is Erb’s Palsy? Erb’s Palsy, also known as brachial plexus palsy, occurs when damage is sustained to the brachial plexus nerve system. This often occurs at birth. The extent of palsy can differ from mild to severe. In mild cases, the nerve system can be bruised and recover over time with minimal treatment. However, if there is significant damage, including tearing or hyperextension of the nerves, this can lead to life-long disability, including paralysis of the limb. At birth, the limb affected tends to be floppy and may even look out of position....

Electric Scooters – The up and coming new...

Posted in Personal Injury on 23rd May 2022
Can you claim for personal injury if you are involved in an accident? Up until 2019 the use of e-scooters was not allowed, but then in the general election this began to change, and electric scooters were seen as one of the solutions for the congestion on the roads. Unfortunately, the pandemic has had a major impact on the introduction of e-scooters. The Government is looking into the use of e-scooters as a way for people to get to work whilst avoiding public transport. Rental trials have been introduced by the Government, and there are currently...
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