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Solicitors at "growing risk of claims" for...

Posted in Professional Negligence on 15th Aug 2019
There has been a sharp increase in the number of professional negligence actions arising from solicitors under-settling personal injury and medical negligence claims, according to a specialist barrister. Richard Beaty was featured on, explaining: “Publicly available and reliable market data for professional indemnity claims is scarce [but] there is growing perception amongst our insurer and professional clients that the under-settlement of personal and medical injury claims is on the rise.” Beaty added that the change in...

Failing to Diagnose and Treat a Heart Attack

Posted in Medical Negligence on 1st May 2019
If you have a heart attack, immediate treatment to get the blood flowing to the damaged part of your heart muscle again is absolutely crucial, determining the level of permanent damage to your heart muscle. Delayed treatment following a heart attack can have a life-threatening impact on the patient, with many people requiring emergency treatment to unblock the coronary artery. The Danger of Missed and Delayed Diagnosis We know that medical professionals frequently misdiagnose heart attacks. A treating clinician may mistake a patient’s symptoms for...

Minimising Your Risk of Injury as a Motorcyclist

Posted in Vulnerable Road Users on 17th Apr 2019
Riding a motorcycle in Great Britain can be touch-and-go at the best of times, particularly when you consider the regularly damp roads and traffic congestion. Although bikers account for just 1% of road users, they make up 18% of all deaths on the road and almost 12,000 injuries in 2016 alone (1). This certainly paints a picture of biker's "highly vulnerable" status. What makes a motorcyclist vulnerable on Great Britain roads? Motorcyclists are a minority With 1.23m motorcycles on Great Britain roads compared to 30.9m cars, motorcyclists...

Why is a Pedestrian a Vulnerable Road User?

Posted in Vulnerable Road Users on 5th Apr 2019
Every single one of us can be considered a vulnerable road user. It may not be every day, but we all regularly use the roads as a pedestrian; whether that be to cross the road or exit a vehicle. And we also exercise precaution when doing so, something instilled in us from a very young age when our parents would hold our hand when crossing. However, being a pedestrian on a road remains highly dangerous with 1,793 reported deaths and 24,831 serious injuries reported to police in 2017 (1). At the end of 2016, there were 30.9 million vehicles reported...
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