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Know the Limitation Period for Medical Negligence...

Posted in Medical Negligence on 11th Jun 2020
There are many concerns felt by medical negligence victims which can create doubt and hesitation in pursuing a claim. However, it is important to consider that the Limitation Period for the majority of Claimants is 3 Years – a time limit which is too often missed by victims of negligence. Missing this deadline can be devastasting for those impacted my medical negligence and all too often means they are left with no other options but to pay for damages out of their own pocket or not having access to treatment at all. We know the effects of medical...

Coronavirus: Delivering Services Safely

Posted in General News on 2nd Apr 2020
We are now facilitating video consultations for our clients in order to ensure services can still continue safely. We are using a secure and straightforward platform provided by Microsoft that will not require clients to create an account or download software. We recognise that it is difficult to get out and see a solicitor at the present time and you may need advice and assistance urgently. You may have been injured, be experiencing a family dispute or want to discuss financial, custody or contact issues relating to your family, you may need advice...

Coronavirus & Child Arrangement Orders

Posted in Family & Divorce on 24th Mar 2020
‘I have a Court Order giving the other parent contact with my child. What do I do in light of coronavirus?’ This is a common question many separated couples are now asking themselves. In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the government have issued rules to prevent the spread of this disease. You should abide by the government’s guidance especially if you or your child is currently in isolation due to symptoms of COVID-19. It is vital that you take adequate steps to comply with government rules and not make your child, yourself or others...

Inviting a Solicitor Negligence Claim

Posted in Professional Negligence on 24th Mar 2020
Solicitors, Barristers and Chartered Legal Executives are often referred to as legal advisors and there is a good reason for that, beyond convenient shorthand. The job of a lawyer is to advise their client on the law and their options and take instructions from the client. Except in very specific circumstances, such as when the lawyer is acting on a no-win, no-fee agreement and so is putting their own money at risk, it is not the lawyer’s job to decide what is best for their client. Example of Solicitor Negligence: Solicitor acting against client...
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