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Know the Limitation Period for Medical Negligence...

Posted in Medical Negligence on 11th Jun 2020
There are many concerns felt by medical negligence victims which can create doubt and hesitation in pursuing a claim. However, it is important to consider that the Limitation Period for the majority of Claimants is 3 Years – a time limit which is too often missed by victims of negligence. Missing this deadline can be devastasting for those impacted my medical negligence and all too often means they are left with no other options but to pay for damages out of their own pocket or not having access to treatment at all. We know the effects of medical...

Wypadki Drogowe: Motocyklisci

Posted in Polish Claims on 19th Jul 2019
W Specters specjalizujemy sie w wypadkach dotyczacych narazonych uzytkownikow drog. Mamy ponad 25 lat doswiadczenia w tego typu sprawach. Narazeni uzytkownicy drog to: Rowerzysci Motocyklisci Jezdzcy konni Piesi Starsi ludzie Dzieci Dlaczego jestes narazonym uzytkownikiem drogi jako motocyklista? Jest 1.23 miliony motocyklistow na drogach Wielkiej Brytanii (, w porownaniu do 30.9 miliona samochodow (Vehicle Licensing Stats Gov UK) to oznacza, ze statystycznie motocyklisci sa bardziej narazeni na wypadki, a niestety nacisk na...

Compensation for Laser Hair Removal

Posted in Medical Negligence on 18th Jul 2019
Have you been wanting to improve your appearance and become hair free in time for summer and yet the treatment has left you with burns? Laser IPL, also referred to as laser hair-removal treatments, have become immensely popular in recent years, but unfortunately, this has led to a number of non-medically trained personnel taking advantage of the phenomenon which has led to laser hair removal burns. Those with minimal training have been performing laser IPL on patients, an incredibly concerning fact when we consider these individuals have inadequate...

Cycling Accidents: Increasing your chances...

Posted in Vulnerable Road Users on 16th Jul 2019
If you have ever suffered a serious injury following a road accident, then I suspect one of your key priorities was getting a speedy recovery so you can get back on your bike. It’s a common attitude held by cyclists and says a lot about the values cyclists hold dear. Accident compensation tends to be a secondary issue to getting back to bike riding and this attitude is one of the many ways you can increase your chances of a strong recovery. If you have recently been in a cycling accident, increase your chances of a fast and successful rehabilitation...
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