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Pure Legal faces professional negligence...

Posted in Professional Negligence on 15th Jun 2022
Clients have been left out of pocket after the firm collapsed into administration late last year. Read more to understand what redress is available for individuals affected and why. What is ‘struck out’? If a claimant's case is struck out, they will no longer be able to pursue their cause of action and they will lose the opportunity to a remedy, such as compensation. They will be obliged to pay their opponent’s legal costs as well as their own. If a solicitor's mistake is the cause of the strike out, this will give rise to a claim for professional...

Debt Recovery - All you need to know

Posted in Debt Recovery on 23rd May 2022
Understanding ways to recover a debt There are various ways to recover a debt in England and Wales. The most appropriate route depends on various factors including whether the debt is disputed, the financial position of the debtor, whether you are happy to go to Court, and of course, how much time and money you are willing to invest to resolve the matter. What are your options when a customer or client has not paid you? When a debtor refuses to pay, you should always try to resolve the situation amicably either by first writing to the debtor yourself...

Do you need a medico legal expert?

Posted in Personal Injury on 22nd Apr 2022
Why is it important to instruct the correct medico legal expert? There are three main elements that the Claimant has to prove in Tort law to be successful in a claim for compensation. The three elements are as followed: Duty of care – Defendant must owe the Claimant a duty of care Breach of duty – The Defendant’s actions breached that duty Damages – The breach must cause the Claimant to suffer some actionable damage In addition to the above, the Claimant must prove there is a causal link between damaged caused and the Defendant’s actions i.e....

What is a Group Action Claim?

Posted in Professional Negligence on 7th Apr 2022
What is a group action and how does it work? Class action v group action claim The name ‘class actions’ most famously arose across the pond in the United States, growing in popularity in the United Kingdom over the last couple of years due to a number of reforms that have occurred in the legal industry. You may have seen a number of group actions advertised in the media over the last few years such as the Diesel Emissions claim and the British Airways data breach claim. Group actions are popular amongst firms of solicitors as they allow for management...
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