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How quick can I get a divorce?

Posted in Family & Divorce on 13th Jan 2021
How long does it take to file for divorce? To end your marriage in England and Wales you must have been married for at least 12 months before filing for divorce and entering into divorce proceedings. A divorce where both parties are in agreement to the divorce and the reasons why, would typically take between four to six months before the coronavirus pandemic, now the times vary slightly. Sometimes, it might take you longer if you are unable to sort out any issues relating to money, property or children. Sorting out your money and property is dealt...

Covid-19, lockdown and child arrangements

Posted in Family & Divorce on 14th Jan 2021
For many parents, the current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the unthinkable: situations where parents cannot see or talk to their own children. We receive hundreds of enquiries from parents who want to know what to do and what their legal rights are during this lockdown period. We will answer your frequently asked questions below. Can I see my children during the lockdown period? The Government has issued guidance which states that you can see your children during the lockdown period. There is an exception to the ‘stay at home’ rules, which...

Hip Fractures and Medical Negligence

Posted in Medical Negligence on 13th Jan 2021
Hip conditions and treatments As someone who required a right total hip replacement at the age of 38 and a left total hip replacement on the horizon, I am very aware that any negligence in this area that leads to additional injury, on top of a condition that is already painful and hard to manage, is very difficult to come to terms with. There are many conditions leading to hip treatment that are not negligent in themselves, but failure to correctly diagnose and treat the need in good time, or even failure to perform the treatment to a reasonable...

The start of the end for leasehold?

Posted in Conveyancing on 7th Jan 2021
Anyone who is on the property ladder or is in the process of getting on may have heard of the terms ‘leasehold’ and ‘freehold’. The former can cause controversy and in some instances give rise to claims for compensation, because negligence by a conveyancing solicitor can lead to buyers not understanding the full implications of their lease and ending up at significant financial loss. Today it has been reported that the Government is now planning reforms in this complex area of property and land ownership. What is the difference between freehold...
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