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Know the Limitation Period for Medical Negligence...

Posted in Medical Negligence on 11th Jun 2020
There are many concerns felt by medical negligence victims which can create doubt and hesitation in pursuing a claim. However, it is important to consider that the Limitation Period for the majority of Claimants is 3 Years – a time limit which is too often missed by victims of negligence. Missing this deadline can be devastasting for those impacted my medical negligence and all too often means they are left with no other options but to pay for damages out of their own pocket or not having access to treatment at all. We know the effects of medical...

Pre-Breast Augmentation | The Must-Do Checklist

Posted in Medical Negligence on 27th Jun 2019
When making the major decision to go ahead with breast surgery, there needs to be sufficient preparation; both physically and in terms of other details. Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure but it is definitely not a routine operation. It involves several risks, such as the following: Bleeding; Infection; Adverse capsular contracture; Changes in feelings to the breast; Being able to feel or see implants under the skin; Implant failure; and Other reasons for re-operation It is important to note that, although these things can happen...

The Dangers of a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Posted in Medical Negligence on 13th Jun 2019
Having surgery is a big decision and commitment, which you’re likely to have deliberated about for a long time before deciding to proceed. When the surgery is completed and the desired outcome achieved, this can ultimately transform lives. Abdominoplasty, or ‘tummy tuck,’ procedures are usually carried out on those who have significant skin laxity, excess fat and separation of the muscles with a classic tummy tuck being the most common procedure. This is performed under general anaesthetic, however, it is not a simple surgical procedure. What could...

Sepsis: Fatal Dangers of Delayed Diagnosis

Posted in Medical Negligence on 13th Jun 2019
Sepsis is a life-threatening illness. The failure to diagnose and treat the serious condition at an early stage can (and does) have devastating consequences. It moves quickly and time is of the essence. It is therefore somewhat shocking that hospitals are still slow off the mark in identifying symptoms and treating accordingly, with a recent article from the BBC highlighting the issues at large. Sepsis develops when your body is fighting infection. The cause of the infection could be as innocuous as a cut on your finger or tummy bug. Chemicals in...
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