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Know the Limitation Period for Medical Negligence...

Posted in Medical Negligence on 11th Jun 2020
There are many concerns felt by medical negligence victims which can create doubt and hesitation in pursuing a claim. However, it is important to consider that the Limitation Period for the majority of Claimants is 3 Years – a time limit which is too often missed by victims of negligence. Missing this deadline can be devastasting for those impacted my medical negligence and all too often means they are left with no other options but to pay for damages out of their own pocket or not having access to treatment at all. We know the effects of medical...

Deaths In Care Homes Caused By Covid-19

Posted in Medical Negligence on 10th Jul 2020
For those who have lost a loved one in the last 4 months as a result of Covid-19 it is a natural reaction to look for explanations. Coping with bereavement is difficult enough but it is made worse if you do not believe your relative was given the appropriate care or attention. In many instances, death was inevitable given severe underlying health conditions and the lack of specific knowledge of how to treat Covid-19; a deadly virus that spread rapidly in Europe and throughout the world. Nor would any of us want to criticise the efforts of the NHS...

No Win No Fee For Road Traffic Accidents

Posted in Personal Injury on 8th Jul 2020
Driving on the streets of London is becoming an ever more precarious experience. With road closures, road works, pop up cycle lanes and ever more impatient drivers, the chance of an accident is increasing and this is likely to get worse as we all return to work. According to the Department for Trade & Industry the top five causes of a road traffic accident are: Driver failed to look properly Driver failed to judge other parties path or speed Driver was careless or reckless Driver did not perform a turning manoeuvre safely Driver lost control These...

Negligent Solicitor Ordered to Pay Loan

Posted in Professional Negligence on 8th Jul 2020
When we receive services from a professional, it is reasonable to expect they fulfil their duty of care and provide what has been promised. Unfortunately, even the most experienced or educated professionals make mistakes and this can sometimes be at the client’s expense. When this occurs, it is referred to as professional negligence and there are laws in place to protect the community against such behaviour. To further demonstrate professional negligence, we delve into a recent case example where a Solicitor falls below their expected duty of care. Case...
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