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How quick can I get a divorce?

Posted in Family & Divorce on 13th Jan 2021
How long does it take to file for divorce? To end your marriage in England and Wales you must have been married for at least 12 months before filing for divorce and entering into divorce proceedings. A divorce where both parties are in agreement to the divorce and the reasons why, would typically take between four to six months before the coronavirus pandemic, now the times vary slightly. Sometimes, it might take you longer if you are unable to sort out any issues relating to money, property or children. Sorting out your money and property is dealt...

New rule for motorists passing cyclists

Posted in Vulnerable Road Users on 25th Feb 2019
Cycling Accident Solicitor Jan Canter comments on the upcoming law changes that will help to protect one group of Vulnerable Road Users: Cyclists. In March 2019, new legislation will make it illegal for motorists in the UK to drive too close to cyclists when overtaking them on the road. A failure to give a berth of at least 1.5 metres will result in a criminal sanction of a £100 fine, and may also include points on the driver’s license. The Highway Code does already makes it clear that the recommended distance to give a cyclist when passing them...

Get to know leading solicitor Jan Canter

Posted in General News on 19th Dec 2018
Jan Canter is a highly respected Solicitor, largely focussing on catastrophic injuries at Specters Solicitors. In this Q&A, discover what led Jan to Specters, his impressive experience and additional interests. What made you want to study law? I’ve always been interested in Law. My dad was a well-known criminal solicitor in Liverpool (and still is). So as not to clash, I decided to specialise in the world of civil litigation. I initially obtained a degree in History though Birmingham University before travelling and living in Israel for a short...

'Vulnerable Road User' Course Could Mean...

Posted in Vulnerable Road Users on 22nd Nov 2018
New cycling awareness plan could mean cheaper motor insurance The Government has recently announced that motorists should be offered cheaper insurance if they take an awareness course for cyclists on UK roads. In the last year alone, 100 UK cyclists died on the road, whilst 470 pedestrians were killed, a 5% increase. The Department for Transport is also aiming to give local councils more power in tackling parking in cycle lanes. It is looking to introduce a series of 50 measures aimed at reducing the number of vulnerable road users, including cyclists...
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