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Business Interruption Claims FAQs

Posted in General News on 2nd Feb 2021
What is Business Interruption Insurance? Many businesses do not take out Business Interruption Insurance as they mistakenly believe that losses can be adequately covered by other insurances such as buildings and contents policies. Whilst these policies can assist in remedying any damage caused by, for instance, a fire or a flood, they do not deal with consequential losses that flow from such events. Unfortunately, this is being highlighted now more than ever. With this unforeseen external event causing consequential losses to the vast majority of...

'Vulnerable Road User' Course Could Mean...

Posted in Vulnerable Road Users on 22nd Nov 2018
New cycling awareness plan could mean cheaper motor insurance The Government has recently announced that motorists should be offered cheaper insurance if they take an awareness course for cyclists on UK roads. In the last year alone, 100 UK cyclists died on the road, whilst 470 pedestrians were killed, a 5% increase. The Department for Transport is also aiming to give local councils more power in tackling parking in cycle lanes. It is looking to introduce a series of 50 measures aimed at reducing the number of vulnerable road users, including cyclists...

Supreme Court Ruling Raises NHS Duty of Care...

Posted in General News on 12th Nov 2018
A new ruling in the Supreme Court has confirmed an equal duty of care is expected from clerical staff as medical staff in the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department, following a Claimant suffering long-term brain damage as a result of misleading information. The decision is expected to be the first of many clinical negligence cases where receptionists and administration staff are found to have the same duty of care as doctors and consultants from the time a patient arrives at A&E. How Did the Darnley Case Arise? The Darnley case arose after...

Under settlement of personal injury claims

Posted in General News on 30th Jul 2018
The settlement of a personal injury claim can be a complex process. As well as analysis of medical evidence produced for both sides it is important that all heads of claim are taken into account. These may involve losses incurred before settlement as well as assessment of future losses such as earnings, care required in the future, or an assessment of to what extent the injured person’s capacity on the open labour market to earn their living has been prejudiced. There may be a claim for necessary adaption of a home or workplace or extra travel costs...
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