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Commercial disputes are expensive, time consuming and complex. To avoid the innumerable pitfalls that accompany a commercial dispute, it is important to obtain sound legal advice.

What is a Commercial Dispute?

Commercial disputes generally include disputes between businesses and either individuals or other businesses.

Businesses can become embroiled in a wide range of disputes. A business could find itself in a contractual disputes with a key client or supplier. There are often internal disputes between shareholders and directors. A business could be the subject of poor commercial or legal advice from a trusted advisor.

The common theme between these disputes is the potential for immense financial and reputational damage. Jumping into a commercial dispute without the proper legal advice risks irreversible damage to a business.


How can a business best resolve a Commercial Dispute?

The best way to resolve a dispute is quickly and at minimal cost. At the outset of a dispute, a business should understand its legal and commercial position, and crucially that these positions don’t always overlap. Another party to a dispute may be a key client, whose ongoing business is paramount to the success of a business. In such circumstances, a protracted dispute can do more harm than good. The best strategy for achieving a good resolution to a dispute is for a business to gather all the relevant information, consider its objectives, and take legal advice.


Why Specters?

At Specters, central to our advice is our clients’ objectives. We can offer both advice on our clients’ legal positions, as well as advice on our client’s commercial interests. We always consider alternative forms of dispute resolution to achieve the best outcome for our clients. However, we also have the experience to litigate a dispute all the way to a final trial.



Once we have assessed your claim, we can offer a number of funding options, which you can read more about on our funding page here. We often offer our clients flexible and risk sharing funding options, including no win no fee agreements, after the event insurance and third party funding.

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