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These issues include non-payment of rent, damage to your property and tenants refusing to leave when their tenancy comes to an end.

The need for legal expertise

Dealing with these issues and evicting tenants, whether at the end of the tenancy or because of a breach of the tenancy, is a complicated process. The law is weighted towards tenant protection and the Courts insist that the proper procedures are followed.

Even a small mistake can result in a possession action being dismissed and you then has to start all over again.

Our approach

Our aim at Specters is to deal with disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible, avoiding Court action if we can. Some of the most common issues we can assist with are:

  • Possession actions - from the issue of the section 8 or section 21 notice through to enforcement;
  • Debt collection – if your tenant owes you rent but you do not want to evict them;
  • Lease forfeitures – if you have granted a long lease and your tenant is in breach;
  • Trespass - evicting trespassers on your land, from service of the notice through to enforcement;
  • Nuisance – dealing with your claims against your tenant, or with claims from third parties regarding your tenant.

You may also find that your tenant is threatening you with legal action, perhaps due to disrepair or issues surrounding their deposit. We can also assist you with defending these claims:

  • Housing disrepair – when your tenant alleges that you have failed to carry out repairs or that their home is not fit for habitation
  • DPS arbitrations – when there is a dispute over deductions from the tenant’s deposit
  • Section 214 claims – when the tenant alleges that you have failed to protect their deposit

At Specters, we understand that prevention is better than cure, so we also offer a comprehensive advice service on your legal rights and obligations and we can also keep you up to date with changes in the law that you need to be aware of.


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