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Whether you are about to enter into a marriage or have already tied the knot, it is wise to ensure that your assets are secured.

Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements confirm your rights to property, finances and business acquired before and during the marriage, and after the marriage ends should that happen.

While these agreements are not always 100% legally binding in the family courts, if they are fairly agreed then their terms can be upheld and can influence a court's decision in respect of any financial settlements in the future.

There is now precedent case law which states that pre-nuptial agreements will be binding if there is the following:

  • Independent advice under no duress
  • Full and frank financial disclosure
  • A good interval between signing the agreement and the wedding date
  • The agreement is updated when new assets are acquired

At Specters, we believe that pre- or post-nupital agreements are a good idea because they will help you with the following:

If you are considering a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement, our specialist family solicitors can help you. We offer competitive rates to deal with your matter. You may be eligible for our initial free 30 minute consultation, as well as a second 30 minute consultation for £50.

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