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Disputes between employers and employees can be complex

Employees are the most important asset of any business and the law surrounding employment relationships can be complex.

At Specters, we provide a range of services related to employment law. We represent both employees and employers in the Employment Tribunal and we are also able to draft contracts and policies for employers.

We're also happy to provide information and advice on employment-related issues, allowing you to be comfortable you're making the right decisions.

Our experienced team have been dealing with employment matters for many years and provide comprehensive and candid advice and support.

Some common services that the Specters team offer support on include:

Speak to the Specters team directly to gain a better insight into how we can assist you, or to secure your free initial consultation. Freephone 0300 303 3629 or submit an enquiry form here

You can read more about the service we offer below:

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