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As a business or individual seeking professional advice, often at great cost, you rightly expect this advice to be reliable and accurate.

Whether it be from an accountant, a broker, or a solicitor, when advice from a professional turns out to be incorrect and below the expected standard it is not only extremely frustrating, it can also cause significant financial loss and distress.

At Specters we have over 25 years’ experience dealing with Professional Negligence Claims. We have a specialist team of qualified professional negligence solicitors and legal experts who are ready to work on your behalf to remedy the wrong that you have suffered.

What is Professional Negligence?

A professional is a person who represents themselves as having sufficient skill and knowledge in a particular area to act for a client. Professional negligence occurs when a professional person performs below a reasonable standard, resulting in damage or loss to their client.

Examples of professional negligence include:

  • Incorrect advice before a property purchase
  • Undervalued assets
  • Under-settlement of a claim
  • Missed limitation dates or court deadline for a claim
  • Failure to comply with a court order
  • Unsuitable investment advice
  • Missed court deadline
  • Missed defects in a pre-purchase survey

The impact of a solicitor’s negligence on a client can be particularly damaging. Solicitors are often involved in high value transactions such as residential conveyancing, or high stakes litigation in personal injury or commercial litigation. Mistakes such as not reading the contract properly, or missing a court deadline, could cost a client hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Suing a solicitor or any other professional for negligence is a complex process. At Specters, we can help you in all of these scenarios and many more.

Flexible funding & No Win No Fee

We offer a range of flexible funding options for professional negligence claims such as no win no fee, deferred fees and no win low fee.

More information on options can be found on our funding options page, or we invite you to request a free initial consultation from Specters to clarify your options for pursuing a professional negligence claim.


There are the areas of Professional Negligence we specialise in.

Expert Professional Negligence Solicitors

Learn more about our expertise and how we can assist you by watching the videos below.

Specters Consultant Nigel Plant answers some common questions around Professional Negligence.

Managing Director Ken Specter discusses Professional Negligence and how Specters can assist you.

Professional Negligence Testimonials

“We have been very impressed with the service we have received from Specters. On the first two cases which had been sitting in the doldrums for over a year with other firms, Specters achieved better than expected results in record timeframes. We will certainly be putting more cases their way.”~ Lender Client

“The service and professionalism of the Specter Partnership has been nothing more than incredible which has resulted in a very satisfactory settlement of Claim!” ~ Corporate Litigation Client

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