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You might have potentially bought a property that was not valued correctly or you have now incurred significant costs in having to put right the defects that your Surveyor failed to spot.

This can be extremely expensive and stressful for an individual.

Has my surveyor been negligent?

If your Surveyor has provided an inadequate service to you that has caused you a financial loss, then you may have the basis of a professional negligence claim.

Here are some typical examples of Surveyor negligence:

  • Failed to conduct an adequate inspection of the property
  • Failed to identify and report on structural defects in the property
  • Failed to identify cracking and subsidence in the property
  • Failed to identify dry rot in the property
  • Failed to identify to Japanese Knotweed
  • Provided an incorrect valuation of a property


If a Surveyor has been negligent, you might be entitled to financial compensation. This could be the cost of having to fix the defects or most often the diminution in value of the property.

It is likely that you will need to obtain an independent Surveyor report to value the loss accurately.

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