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What is a Mirror Will?

A Mirror Will is where a couple create identical documents intended to leave everything to the other partner should one pass away before the other. In this way they 'mirror' each other and are often known as 'bloodline Wills'. Often in Mirror Wills each part will leave everything to their partner and the parties agree that whoever passes away last will leave the estate to any children they have in equal parts.

Althought Mirror Wills require two separate legal documents they are very practical and straightforward. The main differences in the documents are the names of each party and the fact that each party may choose different funeral arrangements.

What are the advantages of Mirror Wills?

The advantage of a Mirror Will is that it rules out uncertainty and enables you to ensure that your loved ones are protected and do not have to deal with additional problems at a time that is already of great distress.

You will also avoid subjecting your loved ones to the problems often caused by the Rules of Intestacy, which enable the state to decide how your estate is distributed if you have not left a Will.

At the extreme, if you not have any relatives and do not make a Will, then under intestacy the Crown will receive your entire estate.

How do I get a Mirror Will?

You can instruct us online to prepare your Mirror Wills or if you want to see a member of our team in person, we can arrange an appointment.

Our partner-led Will writing service ensures that making Mirror Wills is straightforward, easy and can be provided on a fixed fee basis at £195 plus VAT.

One of our solicitors will act as an Executor if required and we can arrange for you to receive advice as to how to protect your wealth for the future, provide for your loved ones and arrange your affairs in a tax efficient way.

Our fees

North West office
Simple mirror Will: £175 (plus VAT at 20% £35.00)

London office
Simple mirror Will: £295 (plus VAT at 20% £59.00)

Mirror Wills are straightforward Wills. For example smaller estates, no tax planning required and a small number of beneficiaries.

To discuss your options and requirements, we invite you to call us now on 0300 303 3629 or alternatively you can send us an enquiry using our contact form.


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