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What is a Single Will?

A Single Will is a Will created for one person, and these can be created if you have a partner and if you do not.

A Single Will can be a good option if you feel that Mirror Wills are not right for you, if you are a single parent or if your partner already has a Will in place that they do not wish to change.

What are the benefits of a Single Will?

A Single Will enables you to make your own decisions about what happens to your assets and possessions after you pass away.

This can include:

  • Choosing who your Executors should be
  • Deciding who to appoint as Legal Guardians of your children if they are under 18 years of age when you pass away
  • Choosing a charity if you should wish to do so
  • Deciding who you want to benefit from your assets and possessions, and how
  • Specifying the amount of inheritance for your children and when they receive this

When is the best time to make a Single Will?

Whilst we would always recommend making a Will as early on in life as possible, there are a few key milestones where it makes sense to either create a Will or have your existing Will reviewed.

These milestones include:

  • Purchasing a property
  • Getting married or entering into a civil partnership
  • Having children
  • Going through a divorce or separation

Our fees

North West Office
Simple Single Will: £100 (plus VAT at 20% £20.00)

London Office
Simple Single Will: £175 (plus VAT at 20% £35.00)

A simple single Will is a straightforward Will. For example smaller estates, no tax planning required and a small number of beneficiaries.

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